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From Bromley to Miss Dorset at Madeley. Since she saw Dorset, Bourne has been rather sick. Mr Coley told her sister that it would be a great while before she recovers and attributes her weakness to excessive exertion. Bourne saw Coley yesterday and partially convinced him that it was rather due to eating a great quantity of fruit about three years ago, as she has been getting progressively weaker ever since, although she does believe also that it has been exacerbated by exertion of mind and body. Bourne feels that it is good to be afflicted and senses that the Lord is drawing her nearer to him. Yesterday morning at prayer, it occurred to her that she does not work enough for God. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

Bourne's parents speak more kindly. Father continues very weak and talks of going to Mr Coley[?] next week. Bourne hopes he will as she suspects that Coley will tell him that he has only a short time to live and this will be a means of making him address the state of his soul. Mother spoke yesterday of some people that she knew some years ago and that one was somewhat of a Methodist. 'However, she says she was a very good woman. I thought if these are your ideas of Methodism you are stifling[?] convictions and openly [unreadable word] against God. I fear she is in the gall of bitterness and in the bonds of iniquity, but God is able to save'.

Bourne was at Bridgnorth yesterday. Miss Jones and [unreadable name or word] asked her to send their kind love - they much regret that Dorset did not stay longer with them and hope that she will come again before the onset of Winter. They also said that Dorset had been a great comfort to them as they were able to speak more freely to her than anyone else. Bourne has not been able to visit Lucy Mason or old Mr Chidley - he is very ill. She very much wanted to see him but did not feel able to cope with the walk or ride required.

She has not seen Mrs Reynolds but has considered sending her a few lines along with a biography of [John] Wesley if such an idea meets with Dorset's approval.