Poster advertising the journal "Spirit of the Age"

Scope and Content

Large folded poster that reads Spirit of the Age of Saturday Nov 11, 1848, price 4 1/2 d. Contains the Bombardment of Vienna and capitulation of the city. The Austrian reign of terror. The crisis at Berlin and strange Vagories of the King. The French Presidential Election and Extraordinary position of parties. The Redemption Society. Particulars of taking possession of the Society's estate in Wales. Close of the Irish state trials. Opening of the law courts. Cabet and Tait's magazine on the right to Labour Question. With all the moral, social, political and industrial news of the week. Every purchaser of no.14 of the Spirit of the Age, (with supplement) will this week receive gratuitously, on application to our agents, a portrait of Louis Blanc printed on seperate paper.