Untitled folder containing research notes on Groups

Scope and Content

Folder contains a number of sheets with notes, definitions, draft writings, printed articles, and preparations for a syllabus, all on the subject of groups. Among the items included are the following:

  • Notes with definitions from authorities in the field, and passages on related themes, including: group standards, pressures and sanctions, and conformity; group structures; leadership and group roles; structural aspects of small groups: cohesiveness, sub-grouping; group development.
  • Draft [of a paper on the Christian use of groups, and its application to counselling?]. 16 sheets.
  • Incomplete draft [of paper?] covering groups, including passages on social work, group psychoanalysis, psychiatrists, therapeutic communities, self-help groups, educationalists, organisations, and a description of the theoretical underpinnings of the discipline. [7 additional photocopied sheets appear to form part of the same sequence, and taken together they may form a more complete version].
  • ‘Some uses and abuses of groups in the Christian context’ (30 June 1983), typed paper with annotations. 5 sheets.
  • Notes and definitions on aspects of group work, including definitions on theory, plans for a conference, research notes, and thoughts on group therapy. 37 sheets.
  • [Draft of paper] entitled ‘Group work: history of group work’. 7 sheets.
  • Notes entitled ‘Information on groups in Church life’. 1 sheet.