Scope and Content

Contains presscuttings relating to London South Bank University and its former institutions comprising:

LSBU/9/1/1 Presscuttings 1879-1891 collected by C.T. Millis on Technical Education

LSBU/9/1/2 1888-1894

LSBU/9/1/3 Index to the first two volumes of Press Cuttings (LSBU/9/1/1-2) done in the 1970s

LSBU/9/1/4 Presscuttings 1895-1933

LSBU/9/1/5 Presscuttings 1933-1949

LSBU/9/1/6 Presscuttings 1948-1970

LSBU/9/1/7 Presscuttings 1948-1970

LSBU/9/1/8 Presscuttings 1971-1972

LSBU/9/1/9 Presscuttings 1972-1973

LSBU/9/1/10 Presscuttings 1973-1974

LSBU/9/1/11 Presscuttings 1974-1998

LSBU/9/1/12 Presscuttings c.2003-2006

LSBU/9/1/13 Presscuttings 2007-2013