Academic Records

Scope and Content

Contains records relating to the implementation of teaching within the institution, comprising:

LSBU/3/1 Academic Board, 1964-2007;

LSBU/3/2 Shadow and Transitional Academic Board, 1969-1970;

LSBU/3/3 Educational Committtee, 1892-1964;

LSBU/3/4 Academic Standards Committee, 1988-2004;

LSBU/3/5 Research Committee, 1994-2006;

LSBU/3/6 Quality and Standards Committee, 2005-2008;

LSBU/3/7 Standing Committee of the Academic Board, 1981-1987;

LSBU/3/8 Research Degrees Committee, 1993-2006;

LSBU/3/9 Board of Studies;

LSBU/3/10 School, Institute and Advisory Committees, 1903-1920;

LSBU/3/11 Engineering Talks and Awards, 1980-1990;

LSBU/3/12 Institutional Inspection Reports, 1947, 1956;

LSBU/3/13 Examination Results Ledgers, 1893-1978;

LSBU/3/14 Student Certificates, Workbooks and Reports, 1934-1962;

LSBU/3/15 Faculty Plans, 2007;

LSBU/3/16 Academic Structure Committee, 1972-1973;

LSBU/3/17 General Information and Particulars of the Borough Polytechnic, 1968;

LSBU/3/18 Research Board, 1967-1970;

LSBU/3/19 CNAA Review Visit Reports, 1974-1982;

LSBU/3/20 Board of Education Returns, 1937.