Governance Records

Scope and Content

Contains records relating to Governance in the institution, comprising:

LSBU/1/1 Memorandum and Articles of Association, 1970-1994;

LSBU/1/2 Board of Governors, 1891-2006;

LSBU/1/3 C.T. Millis' Reports for Meetings of the Governing Body and Educational Committee, 1896-1902;

LSBU/1/4 Correspondence regarding the Polytechnic's redesignation as a University, 1991-1992;

LSBU/1/5 Honorary Fellows Committee, 1986-2001;

LSBU/1/6 Board of Directors, 1973-2006 ;

LSBU/1/7 Charitable Funds Committee, 1985-2006;

LSBU/1/8 House Committee, 1901-1964;

LSBU/1/9 Schemes of Government, 1890-c1970;

LSBU/1/10 Policy and Resources Committee, 1989-2006;

LSBU/1/11 Policy Committee, 1981-1984;

LSBU/1/12 Committee for Student Affairs, 1971-2006;

LSBU/1/13 Governors Manuals, 1972-1974, 2008;

LSBU/1/14 Corporate Plans, 1986-2009

LSBU/1/15 Corporate Planning and Management Committee, 1988-1994;

LSBU/1/16 Management Structures, 1973-1993;

LSBU/1/17 Circulate Executive Team Briefing Notes, 2007-2009;

LSBU/1/18 Papers relating to the Coat of Arms, 1969-1992;

LSBU/1/19 Interim Group of Council, 1988-1989;

LSBU/1/20 Governmental Working Party of the Governing Bodies of the Borough Polytechnic, the Brixton School of Building, the City of Westminster College and National College for Heating, Ventilating, Refrigeration and Fan Engineering, 1967-1970;

LSBU/1/21 Formation Committee, 1970;

LSBU/1/22 Audit Committee, 2000-2006;

LSBU/1/23 Appointments Committee, 1991-2006;

LSBU/1/24 Human Resources Commitee, 2000-2002.