Student Activities

Scope and Content

Contains records relating to Student Activities, comprising:

LSBU/5/1 Student Handbooks, 1962-present;

LSBU/5/2 Student Union Handbooks, 1964-2010;

LSBU/5/3 Student Accommodation Guides, 1969-present;

LSBU/5/4 Student Finance Guides, 1984-2009

LSBU/5/5 Student Rules and Regulations, 1991-2011;

LSBU/5/6 Learning Support Guides, 2001-2009;

LSBU/5/7 International Student Guides, 1986-2012;

LSBU/5/8 Exhibitions of Students' Work, 1960-2009;

LSBU/5/9 Student Magazines, 1950-2011;

LSBU/5/10 The Boro' Booklet, 1903-1919;

LSBU/5/11 RAG Magazines, 1959-1970;

LSBU/5/12 Student Union Constitutions and Codes of Practice, 1970-2000s;

LSBU/5/13 Council of Students and Members, 1897-1942;

LSBU/5/14 Societies, 1940s-2011;

LSBU/5/15 Recreation Committee, 1898-1946;

LSBU/5/16 Ground Committee, 1908-1925;

LSBU/5/17 Borough Polytechnic Register of Members, 1939-1940