Scope and Content

Includes 'Woman's Work in Promoting the Cause of Hygiene', an address by Margaret Scott at the International Congress of Hygiene and Demography, London, (1891), preventative medicine, an address to the Congress of the British Institute of Public Health by Sir Peter Eade (4 Aug 1894), paper for Evening Continuation Schools 'The New Code and How to Use It' by J Edward Flower (1894), programme for conference on the teaching of cookery and letter requesting attendance (Oct 1894), 'Domestic Economy in Rural Districts' by Margaret Pillow, taken from 'The Record of Technical and Secondary Education' (Jul 1896), papers read at the annual conference of the Association for Teachers of Domestic Sciences (1898) paper presented to the Agricultural Education Committee by Margaret Pillow on 'The Education of Village Girls' (1900), list of hostels for women in professions and in industry, published by the National Council of Women (1924).