Scope and Content

These papers are concerned with three

charities in Towersey, those of

Christopher Deane, Katherine Pye, and

someone called Lacey (first name


While nothing is known of the purposes

of the Lacey bequest, something is known

about the others: Christopher Deane left

some land in Lincolnshire to the parish

in 1690, to raise rents on it to give £5

a year to the incumbent of Towersey and

spend the rest on apprenticing poor

children born in Towersey (some 50

indentures for children apprenticed

under this scheme may be found in PAR274/5/A2 above). Katherine Pye gave some

land to the parish in 1713 to pay two

widows £2 a year, and spend the surplus

on religious purposes, in connection

with the Sunday School, the church

choir, etc., in Towersey, Princes

Risborough, Hughendon and West Wycombe.

By the later 19th century, this surplus

was usually spent on school prizes.