Ts draft entitled 'The Story of Gilgamesh' [1]

Scope and Content

Ts draft with extensive ms annotations of 'The Story of Gilgamesh'. Consists of: 'Introduction' [1 leaf]; section containing the 'Prologue' dated 21 September 1972 and 'The Coming of Enkidu' [numbered [1] to 8]; 'The Journey' [numbered 1 to 13]; 'Ishtar and Gilgamesh with Enkidu's Death' [numbered [1] to 11]; 'The Search for Immortality' [numbered [1] to 8 and 8]; 'The Story of the Flood' [numbered 9 to 13]; and section containing 'The Return of Gilgamesh' and 'The Death of Gilgamesh' [numbered [1] to 5]. A later coversheet in another hand reads "Gilgamesh. 1st Typescript. Oct 1972".

Custodial History

Two leaves, being the 'Prologue' and the first page of 'The Coming of Enkidu', were removed and incorporated into RG/E/SG/3 as being clearly fragments from a later draft.