Ms draft entitled 'Gilgamesh: An Adventure Story Five Thousand Years Old'

Scope and Content

Ms draft of 'Gilgamesh: An Adventure Story Five Thousand Years Old'. Consists of: title page [1 leaf]; middle section of the introduction, written in pink felt tip pen with amendments in two types of blue ink [2 leaves]; first section of the introduction [2 leaves]; early section of the introduction, beginning "It is not a fairy-story" [1 leaf]; chapter entitled 'Prologue' and dated 21 September 1972 [17 leaves, numbered 1 to 6, 6a, and 7 to 16]; the remaining chapters entitled 'The Journey', 'Ishtar & Gilgamesh and Enkidu's Death', 'The Search for Immortality', 'The Story of the Flood', 'The Return of Gilgamesh' and 'The Death of Gilgamesh' [88 leaves numbered: 1 to 39; 41 to 51; 53 to 56 originally numbered 52, 52, 51, 52; 57; one unnumbered leaf; 58 to 89. Despite the irregularities of the numbering, this section of the draft appears to be complete.].