Ts draft of chapters 12 and 13 of 'Winter in Majorca'

Scope and Content

Extract of ts draft with ms annotations of chapter 12 (headed "Chapter Five" and amended to "Twelve") to chapter 13 (headed "Part Three Chapter One" and amended to "Thirteen") of 'Winter in Majorca'. Extract consists of pages numbered 1 to 7 and 1 (with additional ms number 85) to 21. Ms fragment attached to the first page of chapter 13 reads "Dec 18th 1838. They stayed for fifty-six days". Ms fragment attached to page 5 of chapter 13 begins "This is wholly untrue [...]" and is written on the verso of ts description, with ms annotations, of African guinea fowls.

Related Material

Reference: RG/B/BM/1; Association: see also; Verso of fragments of ts draft of chapter 13 re-used for draft of 'The Historic Bicycle'.;


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