Scope and Content

This section is divided by diarist:

  • UKC/JOH/DIA/D1 : Hewlett's diaries
  • UKC/JOH/DIA/D2 : Mary Johnson's diaries
  • UKC/JOH/DIA/D3 : Nowell Johnson's diaries
  • UKC/JOH/DIA/D4 : one diary kept by Hewlett's father, and one by his sister-in-law, Alice

These are a mixture of appointment, personal and travel diaries. The longest continous set of Hewlett's diaries run from 1930-1965 and Mary's from 1937-1929. Nowell's diraries do not form such an uninterrupted 'set', but focus on the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Administrative / Biographical History

Hewlett Johnson led a busy life, especially during his time as Dean of Canterbury. His many activities, including his duties as Dean and as Chairman of the Board of Governers at The King's School, engagements to speak across Britain and abroad, and his tours all over the world left him with a hectic schedule.

Hewlett's first wife, Mary, travelled extensively, mostly in Europe, often holidaying with her husband. Mary's diaries also contain religious and spiritual material. With Nowell, his second wife, Hewlett's travels took him on tours of socialist countries. It is evident that Nowell's diaries were integral in the recreating events which Johnson later referred to in his books.Nowell's diaries also record appointments and her activities as an artist, as well as events involving their two daughters, Kezia and Keren.