Weddell, Expeditions

Scope and Content

  • MS 501/19/1-3;MSM Charts (3), 1820-1823 [Drawn for inclusion in A voyage towards the south pole, London 1825] 3 sheets, photocopy
  • MS 1521/2;BJ[Weddell] Manuscript of A Voyage towards the South Pole [Including tables] 1 volume
  • MS 1521/4/38;BJ[Weddell] Newspaper clipping [Regarding shipwreck of Swallow]
  • MS 1521/5/1;case 64 Chart of South Shetland Islands, 1824 [61°-63.4°S and 53.8°-62.8°W, drawn by Weddell]
  • MS 1521/5/2;case 64 Chart showing voyages of the Jane and Beaufoy into the Weddell Sea, 1820-1824
  • MS 1521/5/3;case 64 Cape Horn, undated [By James Weddell]
  • MS 1521/5/4;case 64 Berkley Sound, Falkland Islands [Showing wreck of the Uraine]
  • MS 1521/5/5;case 64 South Orkney Islands [60.65°S, 44.2°-46.2°W surveyed by Weddell and Mathew Brisbane]
  • MS 1521/5/6;case 64 Chart of North Pole
  • MS 1521/5/7;case 64 Illustration of stuffed Weddell seal (Leptonychotes weddellii) [Collected by Weddell and presented to the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh]
  • MS 1521/5/8;case 64 Aquatint of Jane and Beaufoy, 20 February 1823 [Furthest south]
  • MS 1521/5/9;case 64 Charcoal sketch of shipwreck (1) [By James Weddell]
  • MS 1521/5/10;case 64 Charcoal sketch of shipwreck (2) [By James Weddell]

Administrative / Biographical History

The material comprises of charts drawn during Weddell's voyages in the southern oceans, sketches of wrecks around the Falkland Islands (properly drawn during or after the British Sealing Voyage, 1820-1821) and a draft of his book A voyage towards the South Pole (regarding the British Sealing ad Exploratory Voyage, 1822-1824 undertaken on board the Jane in the company of the Beaufoy captained by Mathew Brisbane).


The material is arranged in the order in which it was deposited at the Institute.

Related Material

The Scott Polar Research Institute holds a number of photographs, film and other illustrative material in the Picture Library, some of which covers this expedition. The catalogue can be searched on line by going to the Picture Library Database and selecting the Enter Polar Pictures link.

The Institute holds an archival collection for the master of the Beaufoy Mathew Brisbane.


The Institute Library holds several editions of A voyage towards the South Pole.

Geographical Names