Correspondence with suppliers

Scope and Content

Correspondence with suppliers and other businesses concerning various products and ingredients, including J. A. Bington on pearl cocoa; W. Lloyd Wise on Lobeck cocoa; J.A. Bington on Cassia; J. W. Robson, on grinding cocoa and sales calls; L de Vaux, Duche & Son, on Senegal gum; T. H. Waller on uric acid, and malic acid; T. H. Waller on potash; Stafford Allen & Sons on grinding gum; order for powdered saline and citric acid; H. B. Lowe and P. Harris on mistakes in order; Gilbey on tasting 2 cocoas; A. Rogers on cocoa and malt samples; letters to John Fenwick on Elect chocolate, Senegal gum, Cape gum, Oil of Bay Leaves, and essential oils and essences; B. Price on Liquorice, Linseed, and Chlorodyne Pastilles; J. Carrick Watson on cocoa free from alkalies; Stevensons on 'Extract'; and letters from French, German and Dutch suppliers, March 1887 - 15 January 1891.

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