Notebook labelled 'Attraction'

Scope and Content

'Huygens Discours de la Cause de la Pesanteur.' f.1-6.
'The demonstration of Hermann's proposition.' f.7.
'Marian 1720.' f.8.
'Clairaut's Memoires 1733.' f.9.
'Memoires de l'Academie. Paris.' f.10.
'Clairaut. Philosophical Transactions Vol 40.' f.11.
Notes from Rosenberger. f.12-14.
Notes on Maclaurin. f.15-16.
Notes on Clairaut. f.17-20.
'Juan and Ulloa. Voyage. English Translation.' f.21-22.
'Bouguer Figure de la Terre.' f.23-26.
Further notes on Bouguer. f.27-29.
'Murdoch Nouvelles Tables Loxodromiques.' f.30-31.
'Chastellet's Newton Vol. II.' f.32-36.
'D'Alembert.' f.37-62.
'Boscovich.' f.63.
'Frisi.' f.64-67.
'Histoire de l'Academie 1772, 1775.' f.68-69.
'Cassini Voyage en Allemagne 1775.' f.70.
'Laplace.' f.71.
'Legendre.' f.72-84.
'Cousin.' f.85-86.
'Cavendish Philosophical Transactions 1798.' f.87-88.
'Trembley.' f.89.
'Laplace. Mecanique Celeste Livre III.' f.90-92.
'Gauss.' f.93.
'Connaissance des Terres 1829.' f.94.
'Poisson 1825.' f.95.
'Pontecoulant. Supplement au Livre V.' f.96.
'Plana.' f.97-101.
'Svanberg.' f.102-108.
'1830. Airy. Figure of the Earth.' f.109.
'1832. Bowditch Vol. II.' f.110-111.
'1835. On the Attraction of an Homogeneous Ellipsoid on an external particle. By J.B.' f.112.
'1840. Gauss.' f.113-123.
'1848. Thomson.' f.125.
'1849. Stokes.' f.127.
'1860. Pratt.' f.128.
'1861. Heine.' f.130-139.
'1865. Resal.' f.140-148.
'1867. Thomson and Tait.' f.150-170.
'1868. Moingno. Statique.' f.172-175.
'1868. Price. Infinitesimal Calculus Vol. III.' f.176.
Notes from 'Revue des deux Mondes' Jan. and Nov. 1869. f.177-178.
'Jacobi's Theorem.' f.179-181.
'Shells.' f.183-184.
'Notes on my History of Attraction and Figure of the Earth.' f.185-194.
List of authors and titles arranged chronologically 1715-1880. f.198-212.
'On a difficulty in the Theory of the Attraction of Spheroids. By James McCullagh A.B. Read May 28 1832.' f.215-218.

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