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This collection was deposited in three instalments, in 1977 and 1981, and assigned the Accession Numbers 1354, 1355 and 1884.

The collection consists of the papers of a medical practice from Wantage. P17/1 includes Day Books, Ledgers of patients' accounts, general accounts and some legal papers, and provide much detail concerning the life of a doctor in the late 19th and early 20th century, whereas P17/2 consists of papers relating to the practice's dealings with Wantage Poor Law Union. The practice in this collection went through several changes of owners, who can be traced from Kelly's and Post office Directories.

In 1869 the earliest member of the practice was a Walter R.H Barker of Tanner Street. By 1887, Barker was a partnership with Thomas G. Emerson. In 1891, Walter Barker had been replaced by A.H Barker. In 1907, the practice was now held by Emerson and Walter M. Woodhouse. by 1915, there had been a complete change, as the practice was owned by Amelius C. Birt and Walter D. Kennedy. Kennedy was replaced by a Dr. Palmer in about 1924, who was himself replaced by Frederick Vaughan Squires in 1926. From 1935, Birt was replaced by William W. Dawson. The last doctor in the extant papers of the collection was Dr. Seward, who appears from 1949.

Almost all the papers in this collection derive from Acc. 1355. Acc. 1354 contained 1/A1/7, 1/F1/3 and 1/F2/2 and Acc. 1884 contained 1/F10/1-3.

Recatalogued in May 1995

NOTE: All records under 50 years old are still confidential and not available to searchers.

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