Oral History collection: Jack Shepherd interviewed by Mrs J. Vernon about Parkmill; farming on Gower; Shepherds shop, Parkmill.

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      GB 216 TH 87
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      c. 1977
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Track 1. [00:00:26] Community: Jack Shepherd of Shepherds shop, Parkmill. Mother started the Shepherds shop in Parkmill. [00:00:41] Community: Started in Rose Cottage at first - very small shop. [00:01:20] Community: Father was very ill so Mother started the shop to provide an income. [00:01:37] Community: Went to Parkmill school at age 4 yrs. [00:02:20] Community: Talking about school day. [00:02:57] Community: Went to standard 7 age 12 yrs. [00:03:15] Community: Left school at 13 yrs of age. [00:03:45] Community: Then went to work underground for three years. [00:04:10] Community: Started apperenticeship with motor trade at 17yrs. [00:04:30] Community: First buses on Gower. [00:04:56] Community: Speed limit was 12 mph (1919). [00:05:32] Community: Last bus stop was in Parkmill then straight on to Swansea. [00:05:58] Community: Cost 1 shilling and 6 pence to Swansea from Parkmill. [00:06:31] Community: Horse buses were before motor buses. The horse buses ran three times a week. All got off and walked up the hill then got back on at the top. [00:08:28] Community: Bus used to deliver the letter post to the post offices. [00:09:02] Community: Jack took over the Shepherds shop in 1938. It was a wooden shop then. [00:09:37] Community: Jack built the present stone built shop in 1939. [00:11:35] Community: Plenty of new buildings in Gower after the war . [00:12:29] Community: Wafers cost one penny. Cornets cost half a penny. [00:12:50] Community: Made the ice cream themselves. [00:13:40] Community: Butter came in 28lb slabs and had to be cut up. Sugar had to be weighed out of a sack. [00:14:16] Community: Went to Park Place for eggs - they cost 25 eggs for one shilling. [00:15:00] Community: Sam Tuckers and Harry Isaac were old characters of Parkmill. [00:15:25] Community: Shoes were hand made to order by Harry Isaac. [00:16:29] Social: On a world cruise, Mr Shepherd was recognised in Australia as the shop keeper from Parkmill. [00:17:03] Community: People came to the shop by horse and trap. [00:17:30] Community: No electricity or water in the shop when he took it over. [00:17:50] Community: Water and electricity came in 1939. before then water was drawn from the well. [00:18:15] Community: There were two mills in Parkmill. [00:20:00] Community: Used to walk from Parkmill to Blackpill to catch the Mumbles train into town. [00:22:40] Community: There is a bridal path going up behind Shepherds. [00:23:41] Community: Old valved wireless in Port Eynon. [00:24:02] Community: Cars were very rare - people used a horse and trap to get around Gower.