Oral History collection: Miss Kathleen Owen (born 10 Nov. 1915) interviewed by Ruth Wright about Memories of village of Newton; trips to Killay by train; general life.

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      GB 216 TH 62
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      February 1978
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Track 1. [00:00:01] Community: Born in Newton and in 1925 parents inherited family farm. Nine farms in Newton. [00:01:42] Community: Oystermouth Council School, waked there from Newton. [00:02:47] Community: Walk from newton to caswell cliffs, which was all fields and shacks at that time. [00:03:20] Community: Buses arrived with people form the 'other side' of swansea. [00:04:40] Community: Taking milk before school to Langland , down 184 steps. [00:05:58] Community: Steam train fromOystermouth station. [00:07:09] Community: School time, don't remember a lot. [00:08:11] Community: Social activity, Dai Price the church organist, would organise a concert every year. [00:08:55] Community: Magic Lantern shows in the chapel. [00:09:17] Community: Young peoples guild in the evenings, Sunday school. [00:09:40] Community: Sunday school treat to Summerland or Port Eynon, had races and buns. [00:10:45] Community: Not much time for trips to Swansea as farm was busy. [00:11:12] Community: Used to walk to Oystermouth to get LMS train to Dunvant, huge journey, welsh speaking in Dunvant. [00:12:39] Community: No welsh in south side of gower. [00:13:45] Community: Distinction between the people of Mumbles and Newton and 'the rest'. [00:15:05] Community: Gaslighter coming round to light the gas lamps. [00:15:20] Community: People would draw water from the village wells. [00:15:26] Community: Mounting block outside Rock and Fountain. [00:18:45] Community: Boy camefrom an orphanage to work for them. [00:20:21] Community: Brother did not want to be a farmer, joined air force. [00:22:17] Community: Life on the farm, duties of the farmers wife. [00:23:00] Community: People in Langland would take in tourists during the summer. [00:24:07] Community: No farms in Newton today, the land has been built on. [00:25:55] Community: Transport through Newton and links to Swansea. [00:27:10] Community: Familial links to Gower. [00:28:35] Community: The Gower Show. [00:29:10] Community: Pleasure boats to Ilfracombe for the day. [00:29:20] Community: Mumbles pier without amusement machines. [00:30:56] Community: Romany Gypsies on Fairwood Common. [00:32:31] Community: Gypsies sold pegs and told fortunes. Granny Gypsy used to smoke a pipe. [00:33:01] Community: Oddfellows (like the masons) in Newton. [00:34:06] Community: If men were not farmers they wee masons or carpenters. [00:35:10] Community: People moved to Slough and Swindon during the slump. [00:36:36] Community: Lots of coming and going now, people not settling, no community bonds. [00:37:20] Community: Started nursing in 1933, went to Hill House Isolation Hospital. [00:37:30] Community: Epidemics of Diptheria and Scarlet fever, also maternl deaths, Hard life for a nurse. [00:38:45] Community: 12 hour shifts and half day off a week. 6 weeks on nights without a day off. [00:39:20] Community: Children would be topped and tailed in bed during busy times, no bed space. [00:41:00] Community: Life as a nurse, very strct in hospitals s well as time off.