Oral History collection: Mrs. D. Morgan (born 1903) interviewed by E.C. Williams about Life in Brynhyfryd, with special reference to the Coal Industry; Mynydd Newydd, Pentre, Cwm, Calland's Pits; general life. (Poor quality recording).

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      GB 216 TH 65
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      1 April 1978
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Track 1. [00:00:32] Community: Taking coal from Treboeth via Brynhyfryd and Cwm Level Road to the Copper Works. [00:02:46] Community: Trucks coming off the rails on the way to the copper works. People got killed. [00:03:25] Community: No fences or guards around the tracks - dangerous. [00:04:19] Community: Often see the men carrying a body out of Penre Pit to their home and laying them on the kitchen table. [00:06:10] Community: Description of Brynhyfryd covered in coal tips. [00:07:14] Community: Description of shops that were built when the tips were cleared from Brynhyfryd. [00:08:11] Community: Children collecting slag as coal was short. [00:08:34] Community: Cwm Level playing fields was a valley and water ran there from the pits. Boy was drowned there. [00:10:00] Community: Also fields around with banks of grass for children to roll down. [00:11:33] Community: Miners were always walking - no pit head baths so they were dirty. [00:12:37] Community: Thatched cottages (5) in Brynhyfryd. [00:13:02] Community: They are replaced by houses on way to Treboeth with lots of steps. [00:13:38] Community: Sarah Cornelius always wore her Welsh costume every day to do her housework. [00:14:47] Community: Ned Jenkins had stables in Pwll Street. [00:15:41] Community: All Welsh speaking in Brynhyfryd and Landore. [00:16:56] Community: Big house in Treboeth, now a nursing home called The Bryn. [00:17:38] Community: Penfilia Row, named families kept pigeons. [00:18:30] Community: Big House up the incline, Gimlett lived there, He was the minister of Sion in Morriston. [00:19:27] Community: Only horse and carts on the road, roads very quiet. [00:19:36] Community: Lovells in Brynhyfryd Street had shire horses, King and Duke. He used them to carry flour for his bakery. [00:20:34] Community: Horses won prizes, so children would cheer when the horses came back with their rosettes. [00:21:21] Community: Bread was sold to them at a penny a loaf as her mother used to sell them chickens. [00:22:07] Community: Slaughterhouse down pentre - still there today. Cattle and sheep would be riven down the road to be slaughtered. [00:23:15] Community: People would go to buytheir meat there. [00:24:15] Community: Blacksmith on Eaton Road, Forge was next to where Francis motors is now. [00:25:16] Community: Corn shop selling chaff and hay on Brynhyfryd square, sold it to the farmers from Langyfelach. [00:26:26] Community: Farmers would stable their hoses in Dillwyn Arms and get the Tram into Swansea. [00:28:50] Community: Lady lives by Brynhyfryd school on Llangyfelach Road, born in Brynhyfryd. [00:30:10] Community: Lady's mother was from Briton Ferry, and went into service for the Vicar of Trinty Church. [00:31:15] Community: Father worked in th Mannesman, Landore. [00:32:47] Community: Grandfather (paternal) worked for railway and had a job in Landore and reared his family in Brynhyfryd. [00:35:24] Community: Tuesday morning a couple would come selling Mackrell. [00:35:59] Community: Lady used to come and sell copper toasting forks on a Wednesday. [00:36:39] Community: Man would come selling watercress ona Sunday afternoon. Would eat it for tea with bread and butter. [00:37:21] Community: Jerrys would come round asking for bones and rabbit skins. [00:37:48] Community: Men would sell Lime and Sand to paint walls of houses and sand for floors off a horse and cart. [00:39:02] Community: Mending stockings 'putting new feet in them'. [00:39:40] Community: Man would sell stockings off a pole over his shoulder. [00:40:10] Community: The Flannel Fair - people would buy the flannel to make shirts and clothes. [00:41:50] Community: The Flannel fair was held at the end of Dinas Street on the waste ground. There were rides for the chldren as well. [00:42:41] Community: People always went to Swansea maret - children would wait by the tram and ask to carry their bags for money!. [00:44:05] Community: Market would auction the meat late on Saturday afternoon, crowds would be around the stalls. [00:44:50] Community: Mother used to haggle over the price of meat. She went in the mornings so she could see what she was buying. [00:45:30] Community: Keeping chickens. [00:45:57] Community: The Whitsun Tea, getting the canal boat from LLandore to Ynystawe. Canal boat was pulled by horse. [00:47:00] Community: Penlan racecourse - dog racing while we ere having tea there. We were from Mount Calfary in Manselton. [00:47:43] Community: Going to Mumbles on the coal fired train, buys would perform tumble toss etc and people would throw money to them. [00:50:27] Community: Shepherds in Parkmill - ging there for tea. [00:51:00] Community: The Brakes would roll over in Brynhyfryd square, get caught in the tram lines. [00:52:40] Community: Went to Parc Llewelyn instead of the beach. [00:53:15] Community: The minister used to go to Aberystwyth for holidays as they were better off. [00:53:30] Community: Going to Llandridnod. [00:54:05] Community: The difference beyween Old Siloh and New Siloh chapel. Be full every time. [00:55:00] Community: Good class of people went to Siloh, good singers, plentyof concerts. [00:55:53] Community: Different chapels around Plasmarl and Brynhyfryd. [00:57:05] Community: On boxing day there was a concert in Salem, men had to trim their hats and read out love letters. [00:58:10] Community: More chapels than churches - only one church (St Pauls). StMicahels in manselton. [00:59:13] Community: Brynhyfryd School, boys and girls were separate. [00:59:39] Community: Boys would fight on top of the tips. All the children would go and watch. [01:00:10] Community: Discipline in school.