Oral History collection: Mrs. Alice Maud Jones (née Rees) (born 11 Dec. 1920) interviewed by J.R. Alban about Upbringing in Morriston; trams and transport in Morriston; school and Sunday school; use of the Welsh language; work experiences in father's fish and chip shop; worker's sidelines.

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      GB 216 TH 51
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      11 June 1977
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Scope and Content

Track 1. [00:01:10] Travel: Parents opened a Fish and Chip shop in Morriston in 1930. [00:02:28] Travel: Trains and Trams to Swansea from Morriston. [00:04:10] Travel: Tram stops in Morriston, fare from Morriston to Swansea was tuppence. [00:06:00] Travel: Descrption of Trams, conductors, double deckers etc. [00:09:54] Travel: Trips 'into town' with boys and girlfriends. Excitement of day out. Baltic lounge dances opposite David Evans. [00:11:50] Travel: Last tram to Morriston was 11pm. Big queue in Swansea terminus for last tram. [00:14:00] Travel: Different routes of trams around Swansea. [00:17:15] Community: Morriston Cross Fair, little stalls, every year, sweets, looking at stalls. [00:20:41] Travel: Trams attachd to overhead wires for power. [00:21:49] Travel: Mumbles Train was bigger than trams. Day out on bank holdiay waiting for Mumbles train. [00:23:10] Travel: Journey on Mumbles train. [00:23:40] Travel: Dance hall in Morriston. [00:25:28] Social: Parental discipline. [00:26:00] Industry: Child taking lunch down to father in tin works, walking past furnaces. [00:27:40] Social: Family meal times, father, as head of family would get most food and children would get what was over. [00:31:03] Community: Calfaria Chapel, Morriston, trips for congregation and Chapel life. [00:42:00] Community: Siarad Cymraeg. [00:45:49] Community: Parents chip shop in Morriston, description of shop, times, potato shed work. Left school at 14 to work there.

Track 2. [00:00:00] Community: Continues on with Chip shop activity, cleaning, etc. [00:04:47] Community: Greyhound races at 'The Marsh' Morriston. Owners would buy fish from the chip shop to feed the dogs. [00:08:20] Community: Shops in the front room of houses. [00:12:57] Community: Ice cream cart and horse, Bayliss, one pennyworth of ice cream, they would go round streets. [00:16:20] Community: Traders travelling street, milk, fruit etc.