Oral History collection: John ('Jack') Morris Davis (born 9 Feb. 1911) interviewed by E.C. Williams and K.R. Morgan about (Cont. from TH29): Side 1 - Experience on Dole; applies to be student teacher at Waun Wen Primary School, 1931; description etc. of school; enters U.C.S.; Side 2 - Pres. S.U. experiences; Teaching Diploma; U.A.U. organised by J.M.D.; anecdotes re. student life.

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      January 1976
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Scope and Content

Track 1. [00:00:12] Education: Leaving the dole and becoming a student teacher in Waun Wen Junior school, a paid position in January 1931. [00:01:49] Education: Memory of the Headmaster of Waun Wen Junior school at that time, Evan Harry. [00:02:42] Education: Brief recap of career from leaving school to becoming a student teacher. [00:03:12] Education: Description of general duties of a student teacher and a memoir of teaching class J2, with Form Master Ellis Davies, about coal. [00:06:53] Education: Description of how experience with class J2 informed his later experiences of teaching in other schools, such as Bishop Gore. [00:08:45] Education: Describing being temporary cover for class J1 in Waun Wen Junior school while awaiting appointment of full-time, qualified teacher. [00:10:20] Education: Reminisence of an art lesson with class J1, a lesson in clay modelling and the triumph of a disadvantaged pupil. [00:14:39] Education: Recalling a Jewish pupil who excelled at the Welsh language. [00:15:03] Education: Becoming a type of supply teacher once the full-time and qualified teacher for class J1 had been found. [00:15:30] Education: Recalling the 'disciplinarians' of the school, including Stan Cole and Arnold Thomas. [00:16:30] Industry: Details of the sport and recreation facilities provided by local industries, including Mannesmann Hall next to the factory, playing fields above the racecourse in Manselton, Baldwins Field in Manselton for Cricket and Football. Also how local man J. C. Griffiths-Jones was instrumental in such facilities. [00:17:45] Education: Returning to discussion of Arnold Thomas and the two of them teaching boxing in Waun Wen Junior school, including details of a bout against a pupil Mile Hill. [00:21:30] Community: Discussion of location and catchment of Waun Wen Junior school, being close to Brynmelin Park and the St Joseph's Catholic church and school. [00:24:12] Education: Brief recall of physical violence and corporal punishment. [00:25:01] Community: Discussion of how some families discouraged continuing education in their children as they wanted them to start work at 14 years of age. [00:26:18] Education: Recall of Scholarship teacher, Bill Mitchell, requesting the student teacher to hold a series of lessons on stained glass windows to co-incide with the unveiling of a new stained glass window in St Mark's church. [00:29:45] Education: Sports and holding trials in Brynmelin Street as the school lacked playing fields. [00:32:40] Education: The end of being a student teacher. [00:33:25] Community: Describing societal acceptance of corporal punishment at that time and how some socially disadvantaged pupils in 1971 were 'vicious and vandalistic'. [00:35:55] Education: Entering Swansea University and higher education links to Anglican church. [00:39:05] Education: Recalling University lecturers such as Trevor Williams and Professor Truman. [00:40:05] Education: Discussion of University syllabus and choice of subjects and recall of lecturers. [00:43:57] Education: Physical description of Swansea University in the 1930s, and memoir of the Librarian, Miss Busby. [00:45:50] Politics: Recall of student life and how the political (Plaid Cymru) activism of lecturer in Welsh, Saunders Lewis, disrupted the speakers' education (the arson of an RAF base on the Llyn peninsular 8th Sept 1936). [00:49:53] Education: Further discussion of student life, including sporting pursuits and Student Union activity. Reminiscence of Professor T. Neville George.

Track 2. [00:00:08] Education: Discussion of Student life, including Student Union activities. Memory of fellow student Wyndham Jones. [00:01:53] Politics: Discussion of wider affairs at the time ?(1935-36), re-armament, appeasement and opposition to Hitler, also influence of Marxist politics amongst the student body. [00:04:25] Politics: Influence of the 'Oxford group' and their doctrine of Christian ethics and 'moral rearmament'. [00:05:15] Education: Discussion of completing University study and teacher training and how level of degree determined career path, salary scale and union membership. [00:10:32] Community: Extra-curricular student activities, such as 'Rag week' and associated athletic events and student pranks and hi-jinks, includes memories of University principle Dr Charles A Edwards. [00:18:26] Education: Recalling the small size of the University, with the student body measuring approximately 350, and the relaxed relationship between student and lecturer as a result. [00:21:28] Politics: Memory of visit and lecture by academic and revolutionary Socialist Harold Laski, including a recall of a discussion of Stalinist methods.