Oral History collection: John Richard Morgan (born 1899) interviewed by E.C. Williams and K.R. Morgan about The tinplate industry in Morriston; life in the Morriston area. .

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      GB 216 TH 46
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      February 1977
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Scope and Content

Track 1. [00:00:06] Community: Colin Williams and Kevin Morgan introduce Mr John Morgan of Llys Gwernin in Cwmrhydyceirw. [00:00:17] Community: Mr Morgan describes his birth and early life in Midland Terrace, Morriston, including links to the Red Lion in Morriston. [00:01:17] Community: Mr Morgan recalls the vigour of his Grandfather, marrying for the 2nd time at 70 years old and fathering 4 children. [00:02:27] Industry: Mr Morgan talks about the Truck Act, which outlawed the practice of compelling workers to get groceries in the factory owned shop. [00:04:05] Industry: Recalling the ownership of the local tinplate works. [00:04:42] Industry: Mr Morgan describes his Father's work in the Dyffryn works. [00:05:39] Industry: Wages and how they were paid. [00:06:18] Industry: Starting work in the Ty Canol works at age 14, including duties and wages. [00:07:30] Education: Mr Morgan describes his schooldays in Pentreporth and education at the time. [00:11:29] Industry: Back to the tinplate works, and discussion on roles and wages in the works and the manufacturing process. [00:17:08] Industry: Mr Morgan describes more of his career progression in the tinworks. [00:18:30] Industry: Usage of Welsh in the Tinworks. [00:19:15] Industry: Perception of different roles in the factory. [00:19:40] Industry: Hours of work. [00:20:07] Community: Social life outside of work, Morriston Workingmen's Club. [00:20:43] Community: The Chapel life of his Father, and home life. [00:22:48] Community: Lighting, from oil, to gas, to electricity. [00:24:20] Community: Holidays' or time off work. [00:25:15] Community: The hard life of women at this time. [00:26:07] Industry: Using soup kitchens in Morriston during Colliers strike of 1921 and the General strike of 1926. [00:27:54] Transport: Transport around Swansea area. [00:28:30] Community: Acts seen at the Empire Theatre, including Houdini. Also the other theatres and picture-houses. [00:30:26] Community: Explaining the game of 'Cat and Dog', also playing Rugby(recording ends 31m 29s).

Track 2. [00:00:00] Community: Mr Morgan continues talking about he played Rugby for local sides. [00:01:57] Community: Discussion of the price and strength of beer, and how beer was delivered to the factories. [00:04:14] Industry: Growing up with the sons of the factory works. [00:05:00] Industry: The instability of working in the factory, no orders = no work = no pay. [00:05:48] Industry: BISKTA Union activities in the family. [00:08:37] Transport: The canal and usage of it between Clydach and Swansea docks, including Sunday School outings. [00:10:34] Transport: Maintenance of the canals, clearing sediment and rubbish from it. [00:11:53] Industry: Memories of other factory owners in the area, T. J. Williams MP, W. H. Edwards, and ownership after Second World War. [00:13:00] First World War: Remembering his brothers returning from the trenches. [00:13:59] First World War: Recalling his brothers who joined the Somerset Light Infantry, etc. and fought in the Battle of the Somme. [00:15:43] First World War: Recruitment into the armed forces in 1914, and Concientious Objectors. [00:18:33] First World War: Recalling wounded soldiers returning to Morriston (recording ends 19m 32s).