Oral History collection: a) Alan David Osborn; b) Mrs Linda A. Williams, née Stairs; c) Peter Burt (born a) 31 Dec. 1930, b) ?, c) ?) interviewed by a) Mrs. Shirley Osborn, b) D.J. Grant, c) M. Cook about a) Experiences as a child in Manselton; Dynevor School and general memories of Swansea during WW2. b) Childhood memories of WW2, as child in Townhill/Gower. c) Childhood memories of WW2, as child in Pennard.

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      a) 2 Dec. 1979
      b) and c) 27 Nov. 1979
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Track 1. [00:00:23] Second World War: Eight years old when war started. [00:01:01] Second World War: Early war years meant rationing of food, sweets and petrol. [00:01:43] Second World War: Used to go to swim in Swansea Docks and seeing sandbag palcements with guns ready. [00:02:33] Second World War: First bombing recalled was over Manselton and Brynhyfryd, spent Sunday morning going to see the bomb sites as it was of interest to children. [00:04:20] Second World War: Children were not frightened by the bombs - all our games were war games. We collected souveniers from the shrapnel. [00:05:30] Second World War: We were the good guys - magazines were full of propaganda making the Germans look silly. [00:06:36] Second World War: Anti aircarft station was put above Penfilia by the racecourse. [00:07:30] Second World War: Emergency water stations were put all over Swansea - round brick built buildings. There was one on St Johns Road and also Brondeg. [00:09:30] Second World War: People used to cut and clean oil drums and use them to store water outside their houses. [00:10:30] Second World War: ARP station in Manselton by Railmens Institute. [00:11:21] Second World War: First aid post by lower Brondeg - got gas marks adapted altered there for new gass that were being used. [00:12:12] Second World War: During the Blitz the ambualnce station was busy - stretchers outside ARP hut covered in blood being hosed down. [00:13:08] Second World War: Three day Blitz - only frightened on third day. Slept under the stairs. [00:14:01] Second World War: Lots of bombs around Manselton, watching searchlights in the sky,racecourse on fire and fires over the town. [00:15:21] Second World War: House bombed on Manselton Road, men digging rubble, and carrying someone out. [00:16:30] Second World War: Got frightend after seeing that because it meant people were being killed or injured. [00:17:28] Second World War: Father was a photographer - was able to carry on one of his businesss in the Arcade in Oxford Street. [00:18:26] Second World War: Pleasure trips in car, but due to petrol rations only went to Oxwich or Fairwood Aerodrome. [00:19:30] Second World War: Walking in Caswell and Ilston. Minefield across the bay in Caswell, wired off. [00:20:30] Second World War: Used to go to the Barrage sites to watch the balloon going up or the trucks that towed them. [00:21:50] Second World War: Dynevor School - top floor was bombed and temporary repaired. School carried on. [00:22:35] Second World War: Used to walk to Dynevor school from Manselton. [00:23:05] Second World War: Used to collect shrapnel souveniers on the way to school. [00:23:45] Second World War: If there was a bomb raid overnight school started at 10.30 instead of 9. [00:24:45] Second World War: Bomb fractured a water main - water was red in the crater. Thought to be a blown up body in there - but water was from the slaughter house. [00:26:32] Second World War: Father was called up to the RAF after the Blitz. His business got bombed in the Blitz. [00:27:19] Second World War: Swansea foreshore, used to go to look at boats and concrete pill boxes on the shore camaflaged as an ice cream kiosk. [00:29:07] Second World War: Easy to walk onto south dock. Could go on board patrol boats a children. [00:29:47] Second World War: Old Glamtax building was bricked up and used as an underground store. [00:30:27] Second World War: Never stopped from exploring bombed buildings - a good place for boys to play. [00:31:00] Second World War: Boys collected hand grenades, guns and bullets when a plane crashed locally. Would be sold by the boys or swapped. [00:32:33] Second World War: Home Guard constructed ammunition dumps - left unattended. Boys would get in and raid them to sell or for their collections. [00:33:11] Second World War: Gun place at Langland point - went on the bus to raid it. Enough ammunition in Dynevor school alone for a war. [00:34:27] Second World War: Guns on Mumbles Head. [00:34:45] Second World War: Army camp at Singleton along Mumbles Road. [00:35:07] Second World War: Rocket battery on the Golf Course on Mumbles Road for anti aircraft fire. [00:36:00] Second World War: Used to practise firing them on a Friday night. [00:37:27] Second World War: Sound of all the sirens wailing, works had whistles and hooters, one cocophany of sound as air raid warning. [00:38:33] Second World War: Penllegaer woods was inhabited by Americans, but we went in and suddenly it was empty. [00:39:30] Second World War: Fell into lake by American camp in Penllegaer and they took him home in an american jeep with a parcel of food which was on ration to the british but the americans had. Mother liked the food but not happy that he had beencavorting with the americans. [00:42:43] Second World War: Americans also camped on Oystermouth Road by the Gaol. Large square tents between Mumbles railway line and the sea. [00:44:50] Second World War: Watching cone of search lights picking up a german plane and firing at it. [00:45:36] Second World War: Watching plane flying down High Street - it was french aircraft that sneaked in from the valley and fired at the docks. [00:46:33] Second World War: American plane flew over Kilvey hill and six parachutists came out of it.

Track 2. [00:01:20] Second World War: Father was a dentist and his surgery in Oxford street was bombed. [00:02:05] Second World War: Needed a special pass to go over Fairwood common as there was a bomber base there. [00:03:13] Second World War: Starting school and taking gas mask in a little square box. Practises putting them on in school. [00:04:14] Second World War: Houses below Graiglwydd Square were shelled -. [00:04:59] Second World War: Radar station on Oxwich point was supposed to be terribly secret - but all knew. [00:05:56] Second World War: Father moved his surgery to Gwydr Crescent in Uplands. [00:06:33] Second World War: Going to cinema and newsreel showed concentration camps. Children were sent out - not allowed to watch. [00:07:41] Second World War: Went to the cinema at least once a week, newsreel was all propaganda, only showed the good bits initially. [00:0:12] Second World War: Remember three nights of the Blitz - lived in Townhill. [00:0:48] Second World War: Being taken along Pantycelyn Road - being shown the bomb damage from the hill.