Oral History collection: Ann Iles (born 1936) interviewed by Unknown about Second World War and Three Nights' Blitz of Swansea.

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      GB 216 TH 82
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      n.d., 1980s
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      1 audio recording

Scope and Content

Track 1. [00:00:06] General: Unidentified male interviews an unidentified female, born 1936, about her memories of Second World War. [00:00:10] Second World War: Interviewee describes her early life in Tycoch, Carnglas Road, especially bombing raids. [00:00:41] Second World War: Describing the disruption to early school days, short hours, going home during air-raid alerts. [00:01:02] Second World War: Recalling bombs dropping on Tycoch Road, sheltering under the stairs, trying to evacuate to the Rhondda but prevented from doing so by an unexploded bomb. [00:01:45] Second World War: Describing living close to school, how little the War featured in their talk, and having London evacuees there too. [00:03:41] Second World War: More details of the evacuation attempt to the Rhondda, and recalling her Father's role with the General Post Office and war work. [00:04:51] Second World War: Having to be quiet to listen to the news on the radio. [00:05:16] Second World War: Air Raid shelters in the school yard, these being 'out of bounds' but sneaking in there and finding a dead cat. [00:06:46] Second World War: Can't remember if the war was discussed in school Assembly. [00:07:12] Second World War: Recalling the street parties at the end of the war. [00:07:32] Second World War: Nobody else was evacuated from Swansea. [00:07:47] Second World War: A very small memory of dried / powdered egg. Also rationing including the ending of the sweet ration. [00:09:16] Second World War: Failing to compare diet before and after the war (recording ends unexpectedly at 09m 38s). [00:09:52] General: Unidentified male interviews an unidentified woman from the Briton Ferry / Neath area. [00:10:00] Second World War: The unidentified woman was 5 years old at the start of the War, and recalls bombing raids on the Neath area. [00:10:26] Second World War: Describing a school friend being severely injured as a result of a bomb and receiving early brain surgery as a result. [00:12:25] Second World War: Describing her family background, including her Father enlisting in the Royal Artillery at the outbreak of war. [00:13:05] Second World War: Recalling her Father being sent to Newtown after enlisting, then being posted to India, and later, to Malaya. [00:14:20] Second World War: Home life with Grandparents and Mother, including looking up India, Italy and Crete on an Atlas, as this is where family were stationed. [00:15:28] Second World War: Memories of school, including evacuees from Birmingham integrating. [00:17:09] Second World War: Going home during Air-Raid sirens, but not necessarily running straight home. [00:18:23] Second World War: Recalling a lot of talk about Germany before the outbreak of war. [00:18:56] Second World War: Being sent home as there were Morrison shelters there.