Oral History collection: Evelyn Pugh (born 24 Jan. 1909) interviewed by E.C. Williams about Outline of life; domestic service; work in tinworks; work in Morriston Hospital; memories of WW2.

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      GB 216 TH 52
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      5 May 1977
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Scope and Content

Track 1. [00:02:10] Community: One shilling a week into Tabernacle school room bank. [00:03:05] Community: Domestic work in London for a Welsh woman. [00:04:20] Community: Working as a barmaid in The Plough for the tin workers. [00:05:06] Community: Colliers march to London for pay. [00:06:10] Community: Husband went to Brecon to form army contingent but it was a secret. [00:07:07] Community: Soldiers return home from Dunkirk. [00:09:00] Work: Going to Morriston Hospital to give the wounded soldiers cigarettes from the Munitions girls. [00:09:30] Work: Working in Morriston Hospital, conditions, built in an emergency. [00:11:30] Work: 29yrs and 6months worked there, had a cabaret in Skewen for leaving. [00:12:10] Second World War: Plane crash in Morriston park in 1943, Canadian bomber. [00:15:00] Second World War: Army camp in Clasemont for Americans and Scots. [00:16:00] First World War: Lots of Belgian Refugees in Swansea after the War First World War. [00:16:50] Second World War: Italians coming to Swansea after the War Second World War. [00:17:35] First World War: Polish came to Swansea after being displaced. [00:21:50] Social: Libanus Chapel trips. [00:21:50] Social: School discipline. [00:21:58] Social: People collecting their urine to sell to copper works. [00:26:22] Social: Going on steam engine to Swansea market, mother took in washing. [00:27:25] Social: Cockle women coming round doors selling cockles. [00:29:26] Social: Dunkirk pilgimage every year, relatives buried there, husband fought there and returned. [00:32:45] Industry: Working in tin works for 28 shillings a week. [00:36:00] Industry: Description of working in tin works. [00:37:50] Industry: Going to get a 'ticket' from the welfare for food for when the works closed for holidays (with no pay). [00:38:52] Community: Going to watch Keystone films (silent movies) for sixpence. [00:41:25] Industry: Customers for tin products (cans, nestles, Cadburys etc). [00:42:50] Second World War: Accidents while filling bombs in munitions factory, having to get train to Bridgend where munitions factory was. [00:44:43] Second World War: Smoke screens being activated over Bridgend when Germans were flying over to protect the munitions factory. [00:45:46] Second World War: Guarding Russian Tanks in Swansea (hush hush job) as they were expecting mumbles to be invaded. German Pilots buried in Waunarlwydd after 'dog fight'. [00:48:00] Second World War: Swansea Blitz description. [00:49:05] Second World War: Black out and ARP's. [00:49:50] Second World War: Man next door with illegal pig during rationing. Hid it from Police, in bed, saying it was a lodger. [00:51:02] Second World War: Rattle for gas mask and bell for invasion. [00:52:49] Second World War: Home Guard. [00:55:18] Second World War: Community spirit during war, reason for why life was better during the war. [00:59:04] Social: Annual day trip to Ilfracombe for 10 shillings. [01:01:00] Social: Father came to Swansea from Taunton to show first film in Palace Cinema. [01:02:06] Social: Father dug graves at night to earn extra money. Had hats made for daughters, but he was shabby. He suffered from effects of war on mental health. [01:05:30] Social: One tap between 3 houses in Bedford street. [01:07:20] Community: Hot potato man came in his van selling potatoes with butter and pepper.