Oral History collection: Jack Jones (born 14 Oct. 1913) interviewed by B.C. Fagg about Early life and schooling, etc. in St Thomas and Kilvey areas of Swansea. (1 May 75 - poor quality recording).

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      GB 216 TH 55
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      1 May 1975 and 23 Dec. 1975
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      1 audio recording

Scope and Content

Track 1. [00:00:06] General: Barry Fagg introduces Jack Jones, born in 1913. [00:00:12] Community: Mr Jones describes his birth in Rifle House, Kilvey Road St Thomas. [00:00:29] Education: Mr Jones recalls his schooldays in St Thomas School. [00:02:15] Education: Memories of Dan-Y-Graig School. [00:03:07] Community: Difficulty in getting work in 1926, and going into the colliery to take some coal as boys, until one of them was injured in a roof-fall. [00:05:03] Community: Getting water from Warlow's Pistle(?) on Kilvey Road during a hot summer. [00:05:42] Community: How his Great Great Grandfather had a well in the Rifle House and used it to brew beer. [00:07:05] Community: The importance of pubs and chapels in the community. [00:08:51] Community: Memories of people in Chapel, the Leyshon family, Giles family, Roberts family, Mr Evan-Smith. [00:09:18] Community: Misbehaving during the Chapel services and the first performance on a new organ. [00:10:34] Community: Playing football for All Saints Church team and how his brother sang an inappropriate song in Church. [00:11:43] Community: Memories of local characters. [00:12:30] Community: Places where the local children used to play, including stealing birds' eggs. [00:13:50] Community: Pinching vegetables from local allotments, also gardening practice at that time. [00:15:15] Community: Playing in the river during the summers, despite the pollution from the local industry and factories. [00:18:15] Community: Description of boats on the river, like the Julietta. [00:19:14] Community: Rare trips into Swansea town centre. [00:20:16] Community: Going swimming in the Docks (till recording ends at 21m 36s).

Track 2. [00:00:12] General: Barry Fagg introduces Jack Jones on the 23rd December 1975. [00:00:24] Education: Mr Jones recalls his schooldays in St Thomas, including staff and discipline. [00:02:32] Community: Discipline at school and at home. [00:03:05] Community: Misbehaviour and 'pranks', and sporting facilities and opportunities and church / chapel involvement in same. [00:05:16] Community: The Elba works sports teams and how it influenced recruitment. [00:06:13] Community: The Thursday Football league, featuring commercial establishments that closed half-day on Thursday. [00:06:36] Community: How the Police used to play in the Thursday league, but a 'fracas' on the Rec Ground circa 1933 led to them being dropped from the league. [00:08:22] Community: The tough economic times in the 1930s, especially in Merthyr Tydfil, and the casual nature of Dock work. [00:10:34] Community: How people coped with long periods of unemployment. [00:11:49] Community: The 'Dole' and the reviled 'Means Test'. Also Sickness Benefits and how it was 'policed'. [00:13:33] Medicine: Differences between General Practice Doctors in the 1930s and the 1970s. [00:14:39] Medicine: How Doctors were funded in the 1930s, and standards of treatment. [00:16:11] Community: How parents clothed and fed families during The Depression. [00:18:01] Community: How the Undertaker, Mr William Rees-Davies, was frequently underpaid for his services. [00:18:56] Community: How small traders managed during economically difficult times. [00:22:03] Community: How people reacted to redundancy and lack of union activity at this (till recording ends at 24m 16s).