Oral History collection: Miss Deborah Bodycombe (born 21 Sep. 1899) interviewed by E.C. Williams about Life experiences in the Llansamlet area; Christmas; Devon origin of family; upbringing; parents' work in Aber and Worcester tinworks; education in Llansamlet; work experience in tinworks and processes; Llansamlet collieries.

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      GB 216 TH 45
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      16 Dec. 1976
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Scope and Content

Track 1. [00:00:04] Community: Colin Williams and Kevin Morgan introduce Miss Deborah Bodicombe of Church Road, Llansamlet. [00:00:12] Community: Miss Bodicombe recalls childhood Christmases, including Roast Pork for Christmas dinner, or Rabbits during The Depression. [00:05:23] Community: Miss Bodicombe describes the Devonshire origins of her family, Tinminers who relocated to South Wales. [00:06:26] Community: Miss Bodicombe recalls her Father's academic efforts in Sunday School (parts spoken in Welsh). [00:07:35] Community: Early family life in 675 Neath Road, Llansamlet. [00:09:12] Community: Recalling the family that emigrated to the United States during The Depression. [00:12:24] Industry: Miss Bodicombe recalls her parent's occupations and her own work in the tinplate factory. [00:17:17] Community: Miss Bodicombe describes her Mother giving up work after marriage, and losing 2 children from 'vaccination'. [00:17:44] Community: Describing a typical meal, a Cow's heart stuffed with sage and onion, and preparation of Cow's tongue. [00:19:28] Community: Recalling buying Rabbits at the door and preparation of them for meals, plus other types of meals available. [00:22:03] Industry: Recalling Sisters who went into domestic service and then into the tinworks. [00:22:50] Industry: Describing her Father who had a second job as a Postman, and singing for the Postmaster. [00:26:51] Education: Recalling her schooldays in the Church of England school (despite being a Chapel goer). [00:34:30] Community: Describing domestic duties, including caring for younger siblings at 9 years old and games played. [00:37:40] Community: Describing the Llansamlet of her childhood, and how her Mother went shopping. [00:40:29] Industry: Recalling the factories in the Llansamlet area and the manufacturing process. [00:43:27] Industry: Miss Bodicombe recalls leaving school at 14 and starting work in the Tinworks (describing the difference between factory work and domestic service). [00:44:55] Community: Recalling taking in washing to earn money for holidays to Ilfracombe and Barnstaple, including a visit to a submarine and the Ark Royal. [00:49:40] Industry: Jobs that Miss Bodicombe had in the Tinworks and other jobs undertaken there. [00:56:32] Industry: Jobs that women did in the Tinworks, social perception of them and clothing. [01:00:56] Industry: Clothing that men used to wear, and the hot work involved. [01:01:45] Industry: Poor conditions in the factories, lack of sanitation, and health issues such as cramp and industrial accidents (recording ends 64m 27s).

Track 2. [00:00:02] Industry: Miss Deborah Bodicombe recalls collieries in the Llansamlet area in her childhood. [00:02:29] First World War: Recalling Hen Bwll, the old pit in Birchgrove, and how men would work in the pits to avoid military service. [00:03:28] Community: Recalling a friend who died of cancer and how Miss Bodicombe helped care for his child. [00:04:30] Industry: The impact of The Depression on the local Tinworks, plus an example of co-operative action by female workers. [00:07:20] Community: Recalling soup kitchens during The Depression. [00:07:55] Community: Recalling the Brass Band and the Silver Band of the area (recording ends at 10m 03s).