Oral History collection: Unidentified interviewed by Jacqueline Rees about Recollections of life in Swansea during WW2, especially in Plasmarl, Cwmbwrla, Treboeth and Morriston areas.

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Track 1. [00:01:03] Second World War: Children were not evacuated until after the Blitz. [00:01:40] Second World War: Cwmfelin Works was a target. [00:02:00] Second World War: Training to use gas marks. [00:03:10] Second World War: Every school had an air raid shelter. Teachers had a tin of biscuits and sweets to pass the time. Played games. [00:08:10] Second World War: Complete devastation in Swansea after three day Blitz. Everything was smouldering. [00:09:10] Second World War: Watching men in white helmets digging people out of rubble. [00:09:37] Second World War: Sound of hundreds of walking feet -no one was talking. It was shocking. [00:12:42] Second World War: Heavy fall of snow the night of the Blitz. [00:13:30] Second World War: Mother was discharged from hospital on the second day of the Blitz, father had to go to hospital the next day for her belongings. The hospital had been bombed in the night so they sent all the patients home. [00:17:25] Second World War: Father went to collect wife's belongings was asked who he went to identify. Lots and lots were killed that night. [00:19:00] Second World War: The truth about the number of deaths was hidden from the citizens. No one knew. [00:21:00] Second World War: There were 2 Blitz's - the January Blitz and the three day Blitz. The January Blitz last from 9am to 3am the next morning. [00:21:40] Second World War: Manselton was particularly badly hit. [00:23:58] Second World War: The bombers moon. [00:34:55] Second World War: People would go out at night and never come home. [00:39:33] Second World War: Catching the Swan bus. [00:43:56] Second World War: After the war all the teachers in Swansea were sent to the Guildhall. Had to give a list of those who had lost their homes, or furniture. [00:45:21] Second World War: Involvement of the Church in reaching out to parishioners after a raid. [00:49:56] Second World War: Cinemas come into their own during the bombing - somewhere to go. [00:50:35] Second World War: Balloons like Zeppelins had huge wires from them and they stopped the planes as the planes got stuck in the wires. [00:54:34] Second World War: Northampton Place was the Labour exchange. [00:55:20] Second World War: Husbands did not like their wives having to work. [00:56:01] Second World War: Offered a job in Bridgend Munition work - but refused it as husband would be on his own all day. [01:01:10] Second World War: The Friendly Society for Church Parishes.