Oral History collection: Jack Jones (born 14 Oct. 1913) interviewed by B.C. Fagg about (Cont. from TH55): School experience at Dumbarton private school; early work experience in architect's office; family pride at his becoming a white-collar worker; work as planning assistant with Cardiff R.D.C. in 1930s. .

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      GB 216 TH 56
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      23 Dec. 1975
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Scope and Content

Track 1. [00:00:05] General: Barry Fagg introduces another session with Jack Jones (around 1975?). [00:00:12] Education: Mr Jones describes how the son of a Furnaceman ended up going to a private school, Dumbarton. [00:01:49] Industry: Mr Jones describes his Grandfather's job in the Middle Bank Copper works. [00:03:00] Community: How his Grandfather's thriftiness contributed to him going to private school. [00:03:59] Community: Describing how the generous War Widow's pension of his Aunt as well as commercial activities of the family was a major factor in paying his private school fees. [00:05:39] Education: Recalling his lack of enthusiasm at going to private school. [00:06:27] Education: Describing how the usual school leaving age was 14 and provision for further education past this point. [00:08:04] Education: Recalling his memories of Dumbarton School and academic performance. [00:09:17] Education: Recalling Headmasters and Teachers at Dumbarton school and the religious influence in its educational method. [00:11:10] Community: The extent of Chapel influence in 1920s Swansea and its links to left-wing politics. [00:13:57] Industry: Leaving Dumbarton School and picking and starting a profession, including nearly joining West Bromwich Albion. [00:15:51] Industry: Early days as an Articled Clerk. [00:17:56] Industry: Grandfather's reaction to his career and completing training as an Articled Clerk and moving on. [00:18:56] Industry: Security of employment in local government and levels of wages compared to other trades. [00:21:24] Community: Perceptions of the status of 'white collar' workers and its desirability as a career. [00:22:52] Community: Gaining employment in the Cardiff Planning Office with Mr Parry-Williams and local reaction to it. [00:25:10] Industry: Describing duties as a Draughtsman in the Cardiff Planning Office in 1935. [00:26:27] Industry: Describing Cardiff Council's Architects Panel: Mr Pirshen, Olwen Williams, Sir Percy Thomas, Gordon Griffiths. [00:27:26] Community: Recalling Cardiff's successes under the 1932 Missive Act(?), including Dinas Powys and Whitchurch (recording ends 30m 00s).