Oral History collection: Arthur Thomas (born 1 Aug. 1899) interviewed by B.C. Fagg about Work experience in Mond Nickel Works, Clydach; old community in Glais; descriptions of Swansea and Mumbles; also Clydach.

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      GB 216 TH 49
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      8 May 1977
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Scope and Content

Track 1. [00:00:12] Industry: Description of work at 'The Mond' Nickel works, Clydach, 1920. [00:08:12] Industry: Ongoing description of Nickel processing. [00:11:00] Industry: Working conditions at 'The Mond', work hours, time off. [00:14:11] Industry: Hells Kitchens - description of open furnaces, fumes, life limiting. [00:16:45] Industry: Working condition, poor pay, intense heat, sulphur fumes. [00:19:26] Industry: Not many Welsh in Mond as Welsh were in Collieries. Mostly English and irish. [00:20:10] Industry: More Widows in Clydach than any part of the Valley, due to premature deaths of mond workers. [00:25:09] Industry: Industrial Disease was not recognised in those days. [00:30:48] Industry: Socialisation for workers. [00:32:33] Industry: Attempt at joining Unions for better conditions. [00:33:46] Industry: Irish Catholics were brought in to be foremen as owners were Catholics. [00:36:45] Industry: Local soldiers paid for War Memorial Hospital and the Mond paid a lot of money in as well. [00:42:25] Community: Community spirit in Glais, open doors, everyone knew everyone. [00:44:42] Community: Shopping in Clydach and Swansea. [00:46:45] Community: The train from Clydach to Swansea. [00:47:45] Community: Swansea lost its character after the War, especially the Market. [00:49:50] Community: Weavers, Swing Bridge, Wind Street - drunks, night out. [00:50:45] Community: Catching the Mumbles train to Mumbles. [00:53:13] Community: Mumbles the same today as it was then. Fishing Village still there. [00:54:13] Community: Mumbles as a holiday destination. [00:55:50] Community: Charabanc to Gower. [00:56:40] Community: Born in Ilfracombe and came to Swansea with many migrants. [00:58:33] Community: Mayals was a 'house here and there' in between wars. [00:59:00] Community: Catching rabbits on Clyne Common and selling them in the Market to get money for Saturday night.

Track 2. [00:01:01] Community: High Sreet Centre of Swansea. [00:02:03] Community: Ben Evans and other shops in Swansea Town. [00:04:45] Community: Trams turning on turntable in Wind Street. [00:09:23] Community: Friendliness of community, no 'hooliganism', could walk anywhere. [00:14:56] Industry: Colliery closures. [00:15:50] Industry: Cannister Works - first in Wales, taken over by the Metal Box.