Oral History collection: Ebenezer Edwards; Mrs. Susannah Davies (born 31 May 1888) interviewed by E.C. Williams and K.R. Morgan about Upbringing in Morriston with special reference to chapel life; the tinplate industry - Dyffryn Works, the Edwards family; work processes; WW1 experiences in the Dover Patrol; conscription; (Mrs Davies) - teaching experiences; pupil-teacher system; Swansea Training college; Morriston trams.

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      GB 216 TH 43A-B
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      c. 1976
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Scope and Content

Track 1. [00:00:10] General: Colin Willams and Kevin Morgan introduce Mr Ebeneezer Edwards 152 Vicarage Road, Morriston. [00:00:35] Community: Mr Edwards talks about his parents and the family background, including their links to Morriston chapels. [00:04:04] Community: Mr Edwards talks of his Great Uncle, Daniel Edwards, a stonemason who built Morriston Tabernacle and later built the Dyffryn Tinplate works. [00:05:14] Education: Recalling his schooldays at Martin Street Boys School and leaving school to work in the family owned Tinworks. [00:09:35] Community: Discussing interests outside school, dominated by Chapel activities. [00:10:23] Community: Describing his family links to the alcoholic drink industry, includes some background from a female voice (Mrs Davies?). [00:11:42] Community: Recalling the public houses of the time in Morriston, the female voice adds detail about "brewing day" and process. [00:14:49] Community: A story about his brother having his stomach pumped as a child for a prank gone wrong. [00:15:46] Community: Recollections about the levels of drunkeness and the temperance messages from the chapel. [00:17:44] Community: Recalling Emlyn Jones, chapel minister, and relations between places of worship. [00:19:00] Community: Memories of the Sunday School trips on canal barges. [00:21:21] Community: Welsh language at home and English language in school. [00:21:56] Community: The female voice describes the teaching of music by Mr Emlyn Jones in the chapel. [00:22:41] Community: Recalling sporting activities undertaken, cricket and football, including star football players Will Joseph, John Meredith. [00:25:30] Community: Discussing use of nicknames, such as Dai Glwt, includes some mention of elections in Morriston. [00:29:47] Industry: Starting work in the Dyffryn Tinworks, including duties undertaken. [00:33:18] Industry: Wages in the Tinworks at that time and career progression in the Tinworks. [00:35:38] Industry: Work undertaken by women in the Tinworks. [00:36:44] Industry: Describing the work of a "Doubler" in the Tinworks. [00:38:07] Industry: Describing the work of a "Shearer" in the Tinworks. [00:38:50] Industry: Describing the function of an "annealing furnace". [00:40:46] Industry: High incidences of cramp, and accidents in the workplace. [00:41:50] Industry: Compensation arrangements for industrial accidents, and clothing worn in the factory. [00:42:58] Industry: Discussion of industrial relations between workers and management, including participating in the General Strike. [00:46:29] Industry: Differences of wages between factories and impact of unions on the industry. [00:47:39] Industry: Working hours. [00:48:36] Industry: Lay-offs during times of low demand. [00:49:17] Community: The 1904 religious "Revival" and memories of Evan Roberts, a noted local chapel minister. [00:52:06] First World War: The female voice describes the support work the women of Tabernacle Chapel undertook during First World War. [00:53:00] First World War: Mr Edwards describes joining the Royal Navy in 1916 and being posted to the Dover Patrol, serving on HMS Cossack and HMS Crusader. [00:55:26] First World War: Mr Edwards describes ferrying David Lloyd-George to France. [00:57:28] First World War: Conditions on-board ship, including a pet monkey (recording ends 58m 58s).

Track 2. [00:00:11] First World War: Mr Ebeneezer Edwards continues the story about the pet monkey on board ship. [00:01:58] First World War: Recalling transporting returning soldiers from the trenches. [00:02:47] First World War: Joining the Royal Navy before conscription came in, and concientious objectors. [00:03:43] First World War: Messages preached in Chapel regarding First World War. [00:04:05] First World War: The female voice describes how her husband was 'shown the white feather' because he could not enlist due to his poor eyesight. [00:05:04] First World War: Attitudes toward the Germans during the war, and attitudes towards conscripts. [00:06:10] First World War: Recalling the armistice in service and in Morriston. [00:07:28] Community: The female voice (Mrs Davies?) recalls the preparations Lady Talbot of Margam undertook for a trip every Spring. [00:09:01] Community: Recalling the use of company shops and retributions that could follow for 'dis-loyalty'. [00:09:59] Community: Memories of D. J Davies, congregation member of Morriston Tabernacle. [00:11:47] Community: Backgrounds of the works owners, and teaching of Welsh in the Chapel. [00:12:05] Community: Recalling an influential minister of Morriston Tabernacle, J. J. Williams, who was also Arch-Druid of the Gorsedd. [00:12:46] Community: How J. J. Williams preached and how the sermons would be discussed afterwards and congregation sizes. [00:14:15] Community: Functions and backgrounds of the Chapel Deacons. [00:16:36] Community: Recalling distinguished preachers that visited Morriston Tabernacle and the work of the Mutual Improvement Society. [00:18:52] Community: Changes in the appearance of Morriston (sections are in Welsh) includes the local farms and ownership of livestock. [00:28:49] Transport: Use of horses to pull the Trams, riding the Trams and electrification of the Tram-lines. [00:30:45] Transport: Other vehicles on the roads and trips to Mumbles, etc. [00:32:08] Education: Mrs Davies describing becoming a 'Pupil Teacher' at 15. [00:33:48] Community: Mrs Davies recalls an earthquake in Swansea in 1906. [00:34:41] Education: Mrs Davies gives more details of the Teacher training college she attended. [00:36:24] Industry: The Copper pit, the spelter works and a group of Swiss immigrant workers. [00:37:40] Education: Mr Edwards recalls his performance in school (till recording ends at 38m 56s).