Circulated correspondence

Scope and Content

Correspondence covers a range of topics including conscientious objection, the universal leadership of J. Taylor Jr., the breaking of bread, accounts of the affairs of missionaries, discussions of passages in the Bible, withdrawals from the Brethren and accounts of travels and visits.

Correspondents included in the circulars:

  • Grimsdak[?]
  • F. E. Raven
  • B Wilding
  • James Taylor
  • Miss Stenbok
  • Mr Farrington
  • John B. Potts
  • Joseph Taylor
  • W. R. Mason
  • Samuel Irwin
  • D. Devanesan
  • Ian, H. F. Burne
  • G. M. Strang
  • Robert Stott
  • L. W. Baker
  • Karen Esse
  • F. B. Frost
  • Philip Haddad
  • Philip Robinson
  • Walter Green
  • George Wynn
  • David Waterfall
  • Arthur Martin
  • A. J. Lynch
  • Narmar Milad Guindi
  • Nigel Lyons
  • Neville Clato-Day
  • Joseph Taylor Jr.