Circulated correspondence

Scope and Content

Includes carbon copy of a letter between Ernst Beck and James Taylor Jr regarding Brethren practices in Germany. With later circulated correspondence regarding James Taylor Jr's indiscretion in Aberdeen.

Correspondents included in the circulars:

  • A. Gardiner
  • A. J. E Welch
  • Stanley McCallum
  • G.M Strang
  • Elizabeth Hindle
  • James Taylor Jr.
  • F. D. Waterfall
  • John Welch
  • Horst Pfeiffer
  • Manuel Monclus Guad Vall
  • Robert Stott
  • William T. and Alison Peterson
  • J. A. Gardiner
  • P. W. Coombes
  • R. Dadd
  • K. Adamson
  • G. Hesterman
  • G. R. Deck
  • David Waterfall
  • Robert L. McKillop
  • William S. Chellberg
  • W. R. Mason
  • G. Maynard
  • D. M DaCosta
  • Benjamin Taylor
  • J. H. Symington
  • James Peterson
  • A. B. Parker