Ts. poems by EY Egblewogbe

Scope and Content

Comprising: 'Beauty'; 'On seeing the picture of a dead girl'; 'Observations on a cool evening'; 'Time to be surprised'; 'To ... on her 23rd birthday'; 'Overtones of death'; 'Cape Coast Castle'; 'An apology'; 'The coming of day'; 'The burial'; 'Riding to a deserted town'; 'Falling on the road'; 'Fading apertures'; 'The day the students left'; 'Dust Wednesday'; 'Events and time'; 'A strange dialogue'; 'Saint John II'; 'A vision'; 'The window blind'; 'Prophet Wynnard'; 'World without end'; 'Celestine'; 'The wizard's prize'; 'Tribute'; 'I feign would know'

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