Outposts Poetry Quarterly, nos. 174/175 (double issue)

Scope and Content

Contributors to no.174 comprise: Peggy Ahlquist, Don Ammons, Christine Banks, William Bedford, Gilbert Bowen, Heather Buck, Ian Caws, Humphrey Clucas, Ayn W Cates, Robert Cole, Kenneth Crawford, Peter Dent, Edward Deville, Anthony Edkins, Ian Enters, Stephen Forster, Andrew Gibbons, John Grillo, Paul Groves, Harry Guest, Monica Hoyer, Michael Ivens, F Jones, Andrew Jordan, Edward Lowbury, Eve Machin, Kitty Mrosovsky, Iris Munns, Howard Osborn, Margaret Pain, Michael A Pearson, Douglas Rice, William Ruleman, Hardiman Scott, Tony Sims, Deirdre Armes Smith, John Sewell, Jonathan Steffen, David Stephenson, Anthony Suter, Donald Ward, Robert R Ward, Robert Waller, Anne Wairn, Joan Woodcock, Charles Willig

Contributors to no.175 comprise: Tim Ades, Wanda Barford, James Brockway, Louis Bourne, Richard Burton, Humphrey Clucas, Peter Dale, Peter Dent, Margaret Diesendorf, William Ellis-Rees, John Goudge, GM Keyes, James Kirkup, Thomas Land, Martin Lyon, George Messo, Paul St. John Mackintosh, Anna Martin, John Souster, EM Valk, Michael Wright, Peter Russell

Access Information

Access will be granted to any accredited reader