Ts. poems by Geoffrey Lehmann

Scope and Content

Comprising: 'For JAR McKellar', 'The Emperor Claudius', 'The dolphins', 'Observations for a classic coast', 'Dolphin-lore', 'Meditation of Marcus Furius Camillus in old age', 'Emperor Mao and the sparrows', 'Cellini's autobiography', 'The pigs', 'For William Rainer my grandfather', 'Pieces for my father', 'The lions: a monologue for Marcus Furius Camillus, Governor of Africa', 'Lines for a Chinese tear jar', 'Bringing in the washing', 'My father and his landlady at Young', 'A memory of my father's', 'Emperor Tiberius', 'Japanese tableaux', 'New Guinea episode', 'Birthday lament for a forgotten poet', 'Old man possum', 'The bandicoot', 'The song of the house', 'The trip to Bunyah'

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