Office files

Scope and Content

Files and loose papers, organised roughly according to Cedric Price's office file numbering system.
His scheme for these 'X Files' is listed below in full to allow the researcher to interpret (or speculate on) Price's and others' organisation and use of his records-- some of which bear multiple filing codes-- and to assist in mapping marked items to other content in Price's archive at the Canadian Centre for Architecture:
X1: Filing System
X2: 38 Alfred Place
X3: Bank
X4: Accountant
X5: Insurance
X6: U.S.
X7: Marloes/ Harley Street
X8: Students
X9: Further Education-- NELP, PC
X10: S.R.H.E.
X11: A.A.
X12: R.I.B.A., ARCUK, U.K.A.A.
X13: (NA) (G.L.C.)
X14: Lectures, Conferences (incl. T.V. and Radio)
X15: Articles
X16: Exhibitions, Galleries, Competitions and CP CV
X17: ICA/ LAC (London Architecture Club)
X19: T.V.-- TEMPO
X22: Personal/ Miscellaneous
X23: Staff Enquiries
X24: C.P. Travel
X25: Stationery
X26: Jobs Pending
X27: General Touts
X28: S.E.H.G./ I.S.E. History Group/ Labour Party
X29: C.E.S.
X30: L.F.L.
X31: Science Policy Found/ QCL/ P
X32: H.E.R.G.
X33: London Subterranean Survey Association
X34: IID/ Royal Agricultural Society
X35: Polyark
X36: R.Ae.S./ Working research Min. of Lab.
X37: Society for Underwater Technology
X38: Office Materials
X39: ARFC Engineering

Additional Information