Malawi Congress Party

Scope and Content

"Nkhota Kota Conference: First conference of the party. Dr Banda acclaimed Life President. Traditional dances and mimes. Pictorial supplement in Tsopano and pictures for Malawi News. People: File mixes personal and political, records work and workers at Malawi News, some national events and first portraits of Dr Banda. For Malawi News and the record. Elections, First Parliament: Campaign, candidates, scenes at the first self-government parliament. Political events: Events leading up to independence. Again mixes personal and political. Malawi News and the record. Main body of Malawi archive processed in Salisbury and negatives held by me but some also in Malawi News files." (Mackay, 1992)

File marked 'Malawi / 1. Nkhota Kota Conference 2. MCP People/Malawi News 3.Elections/First Parliament 4. MCP Events', containing a selection of photographic prints from Malawi Congress Party negatives.