Northern Rhodesia/Zambia

Scope and Content

"Early photos on travels for Rhodesian Farmer. Baila Buffalo Drive pictures taken under agreement that they not be published (because earlier publicity given to the event had roused defenders of the animal kingdom). Negatives and prints lodged with the National Archives. Embargo lifted when this (1957) drive turned out to be the last. Kachalola-Luangwa shots taken on departure from Malawi day after independence but may be mixed with earlier ones taken in 1962. Lusaka transit centre for refugees: intermittent record as I added new buildings; pictures of some residents. Balovale-Chavuma photographs taken on journey at behest of State House to find out what was happening on Angola border (Savimbi was starting his war). University photographs for pioneer issues of its magazine. Chambeshi-Kundalila pictures on route to succor Zimbabwe prisoners at Kasama (after Lusaka coup). More under VICTORIA FALLS and FREEDOM ROAD." (Mackay, 1992)

File marked 'Northern Rhodesia, Namwala & Baila Buffalo Drive & Zambia, 1957-72' containing a selection of photographs from Northern Rhodesia / Zambia negatives.