Concord business 1957-1958

Scope and Content

Folder contains:

Memos from Rhodesiana

'Notes on agreement between the Interracial Association and Michael Faber', 25th May 1958

Notice of receipt from the National Archives of Rhodesia and Nyasaland

Correspondence with Concord advertisers

Responses to Concord enquiries

Advertising and distribution information

Invoices from Unitas Press

Administrative correspondence

Correspondence concerning a trial of Concord in South Africa

Memorandum on the taking over of Concord by Rhodesiana

Treasurer's Report for year ending 31st March 1957 - Interracial Association

Chairman's report to be presented to the fourth Annual General Meeting of the Salisbury branch of the Interracial Association of Southern Rhodesia, 15th June 1957