Notes for lectures given by Rodger for undergraduate and postgraduate Psychological Medicine courses at the University of Glasgow

Scope and Content

Most of these are likely to be student lectures given by Rodger to undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Glasgow. However, the majority do not have a date or any indication of when the lecture was given and to whom. So it is possible that other notes for lectures given elsewhere may have made it into this bundle. But from the language used and the content of the lectures it would seem that most of these bundles of notes were intended for student lectures.

They cover main themes and topics which were likely to be part of undergraduate and postgraduate courses on psychological medicine at the University of Glasgow. A handbook outlining undergraduate lectures can be found DC 081/3/1/1/4. This was compiled by Professor Rodger and provides an overview of the course and the main subjects taught. Rodger taught at the University from 1948-1973 so we can assume that the lecture notes in this section were created within this period. In some cases it was possible to provide a rough date of creation by having a look at the content of the lectures themselves. In other cases only the title of the lecture is provided.


As it was difficult to provide dates for when the lecture notes where created (as described above) a decision was made to arrange the bundles of notes into related subjects or themes within the series and to provide details of related lecture notes. The rough arrangement is as follows:

  • Introductory lectures, DC 081/1/1/1-14;
  • Mental disorder, DC 081/4/1/1/2-5;
  • Psychopathology and psychoneuroses, DC 081/4/1/1/6-15;
  • Psychology/psychobiology, DC 081/4/1/1/16-19;
  • Psychosomatic medicine, DC 081/4/1/1/20-22;
  • Psychiatry, DC 081/4/1/1/23-32;
  • Social psychiatry, DC 081/4/1/1/33-36;
  • Psychiatry and the law, DC 081/4/1/1/37-39;
  • Mental health, DC 081/4/1/1/40-42;
  • The NHS and mental health services, DC 081/4/1/1/43
  • Doctor-patient relationship, DC 081/4/1/1/44-47;
  • Nature versus nurture, DC 081/4/1/1/48-49;
  • Epidemiology, DC 081/4/1/1/50-51;
  • Depression, DC 081/4/1/1/52-54;
  • Personality, DC 081/4/1/1/55-57;
  • Miscellaneous subjects, DC 081/4/1/1/58-79;
  • Postgraduate lectures and courses, DC 081/4/1/1/80/1-6;
  • Notebook of draft manuscript student lecture notes on social psychiatry and mental defect , DC 081/4/1/1/81.