Lectures and addresses

Scope and Content

Rodger taught at the University of Glasgow from 1949 to 1973 and it is clear that he had a passion for teaching students about developments in psychological medicine. He believed that the proper understanding of mental health was a vital aspect of the training of the general physician and the general practitioner as well as of the psychiatric specialist. During this time he taught and was said to be a major influence on R D Laing, (who later became a popular psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, and a controversial figure in the "counter-culture" of the 1960s). As well as teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students Rodger also addressed students and medical professionals on other training courses and also spent a significant amount of time giving lectures to local clubs and societies.

  • University of Glasgow undergraduate and postgraduate lecture notes for the psychological medicine course on a variety of topics such, as Freud, psychosomatics, depression, social psychiatry, psychiatry and the law, the doctor-patient relationship and many more;
  • Lecture notes for other mental health/psychological medicine courses and training sessions given by Professor Rodger to students and medical health professionals;
  • Lectures and addresses given to clubs, societies and associations on a variety of mental health topics;
  • Lectures given by Rodger for specific events or lecture series;
  • Papers and addresses for meetings and conferences;
  • Miscellaneous and unidentified lectures and addresses;
  • Lecture hand-outs and information sheets.

Access Information

Open. Although patient case notes will be closed for 100 years as they contain sensitive and personal information.