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David Jones was a prolific letter writer, and his correspondents were multifarious. He was part of a circle of young Catholic intellectuals, and was connected with artistic and literary circles, as well as a more aristocratic circle. He would often write many drafts of a letter before completing it, especially when writing to the press or to a scholar or critic. The correspondence deals with matters relating to religion, art, literature, history, Wales and more personal matters. -- The group comprises letters to David Jones from friends, acquaintances, publishers and art galleries; drafts letters from David Jones to friends, draft letters to the editors of newspapers; and copies of letters published in Dai Greatcoat : a self-portrait of David Jones in his letters, edited by René Hague.


Arranged into three sections: letters to David Jones, 1910-1976, letters from David Jones, 1929-1982, and Dai Greatcoat material, 1919-1985.


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Related Material

Some letters to David Jones from family members are with personalia and family papers (P3). -- Letters from David Jones to various people are in the NLW MSS collection, including 23 letters to Tom Burns (NLW MS 21797E), 6 to Colin Hughes (NLW MS 21830E), 7 to Elwyn Evans (NLW MS 21907E), 10 to Will and Sebastian Carter (NLW MSS 21925-6E, 21927D), 17 to Kathleen Raine (NLW MS 21962E), 2 to Myra Owen (NLW MS 22003D), 33 to Douglas Cleverdon (NLW MS 22101E), 11 to Maurice Percival and 3 to Mrs R. H. Cobb (NLW MS 22243E), 3 to Rachel Bromwich (NLW MS 22274E), 29 to Petra Tegetmeier (NLW MS 22336E), 53 to Saunders Lewis (NLW MS 22724E), 7 to John Petts (NLW MS 23208D), 20 to Nancy K. Sandars (NLW MS 23238E), 9 to Philip Hagreen (NLW MS 23431E), 5 to Mildred Mary Ede (NLW MS 23537E), 10 to Richard Shirley Smith and Juliet Wood (NLW MS 23541E), 7 to Donald Attwater (NLW MS 24045F, ff. 23-32), 22 to Louis Bonnerot (NLW MS 24128F), 18 to Morag Owen (NLW MS 24139E), 124 to Valerie Wynne-Williams (NLW MS 24167i-iiiE), and others. Also NLW Facsimiles 369 - 2 letters from David Jones to Dr. Charles-Edwards, and NLW Facsimiles 143 and NLW 21482D - 12 letters from David Jones to Arthur Giardelli. There are various letters from David Jones in NLW MSS 19754E, 21482D and 21818D.-- There are also letters from David Jones in the papers of the following held at NLW : René Hague, W. Emlyn Davies, Alun Oldfield-Davies, George Ewart Evans, Glyn Jones, Prof. Gwyn Jones, Ffransis G. Payne, Ceri and Frances Richards Papers and Poetry Wales Archive. -- Many letters from David Jones to his friends have been published e.g. to Vernon Watkins, Wiliam Hayward, René Hague, Aneirin Talfan Davies, Desmond Chute.

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