Scope and Content

Arthur Annesley (XII) was the eldest son

of Arthur Annesley (XI), Viscount

Valentia. He led a dissolute life,

running up large debts (as a result of

which he spent much time on Scotland,

avoiding his creditors), and his

premature death was no doubt hastened by

his excesses.

The items here consist of the mortgages

he raised on his future interest in the

Annesley estates in order to pay for his

extravagant lifestyle, and also include

papers connected with the administratio

of his goods after his death.

See too E6/1/21L/5, as well as

E6/10/1D/58-69, for some letters from

Arthur (XII) on his money problems, as

well as some affidavits which vividly

describe his character and way of life.