Printed Act of Parliament empowering trustees to sell settled estates.

Scope and Content

Arthur Annesley (X) has built a new house at Bletchington, and his mortgagees want repayment. Furthermore, not all of the incumbrances arising from the will of Arthur Annesley (VIII) have not been paid off, and Arthur (X) wants to purchase lands at Bletchington itself. Therefore Arthur (X) wants to sell the Yorkshire properties to Thomas Bradford of Ashdown Park, Sussex, for £34300 (see E6/8/6D below). This Act sets out to release Arthur (X)'s trustees from their duties, so that the necessary land can be sold. Schedules of the

lands at Thorganby and Bletchington are included. Note here SL11/1/2L/6-8, concerning an action of Common Recovery of 1807, probably related to the creation of the Settlement of the Annesley property which follows.

Also a petition of Arthur Annesley and Catherine, his wife, on behalf of themselves and their infant sons Arthur, Charles, Francis, James & George Martin, requesting parliamentary bill