Scope and Content

Arthur Annesley (XIII) was the only son

of Arthur (XII). In 1863, he inherited

his grandfather Arthur (XI)'s lands and


Arthur (XIII) had a long career in the

army, the court and in politics. In the

first capacity, he served in the Boer

War; in the second, he was a

Lord-in-Waiting to George V in 1915-24;

in the third, he was the first Chairman

of Oxfordshire County Council in 1889,

and M.P. for the City of Oxford in

1895-1917 (he was able to sit in the

Commons, because his peerage was an

Irish one). In 1917, he was created the

first Baron Annesley.

There are more papers concerning Arthur

(XIII) than for on other Annesley in

this collection. This section includes

papers relating to the settlement of his

estates (such as 33L/39, his marriage

settlement of 1878), his financial

affairs, and his several mortgages on

his lands (for which see 33L/32, 43, 44,

69, 91 and 200). There are papers

connected with appointing his wife Laura

his attorney while he was in South

Africa in 1900 (33L/112-3), papers

relating to the death of his eldest son

Arthur (XIV) in World War I (33L/193-

194), and papers relating to his wills

(33L/198 and 216-219) and death duties

on his estate (33L/220 and following).

Arthur (XIII), like his great-

grandfather Arthur (X), continued a

process of centralising his estates on

Oxfordshire. He sold lands in Ireland

(E6/7/8D & 14D), Northamptonshire

(E6/9/23D), and was obliged, thanks to a

foolish mortgage taken out by his

father, to sell the Lincolns Inn House

(E6/10/1D), but bought more lands in

Oxfordshire (see E6/3/20D-22D and