Assignment of Mortgage and Further Charge

Scope and Content


1.a) Charles Morley of Droxford, Hants.,


b) Francis Morley of Bishopps Waltham,

Hants., D.D. (1 are the executors of

Francis Morley).

2. Edward Barry (as in 12D/10).

3.a) Anne Lacon of St. Martin in the

Feilds, Middx., Spinster.

b) William Lord Digby.

c) Francis Fisher of Berkswell,

Warwicks., Esq.

PROPERTY: Lands (described) in Hampton


CONSIDERATION: £4000 from 3, of which

£2208 goes to 1 and £1792 to 2.

COMMENTS: 1 assign their mortgage to 3,

who lends 2 some more money.