Assignment of Mortgage

Scope and Content


1. John Barry of Hampton Gay, Son of Edward Barry

2.a) John Lacon of Westcoppice, Shropshire, Esq., Executor of Ann Lacon

b) James Clarke of St. Martin in the Fields

3.a) Edward Byrche of Leascroft, Staffs., Serjeant-at-Law

b) Francis Fisher (as in 12D/21)

4.a) The Hon. William, Lord Digby

b) John Browne of London, Gent.

5.a) John Potinger of Grayes Inn, Middx., Esq.

b) William Dockwra of London, Merchant c) Elizabeth Seymour, Widow of Henry Seymour

6.a) The Hon. Grace Wood, Widow of Thomas, late Bishop of Litchfield and Coventry

b) Mary Chetwynd of Rugeley, Staffs., Spinster

PROPERTY: As in 12D/21

CONSIDERATION: £2700 from 5a and 5b, with the consent of 5c, of which £1000 goes to 1, £1100 to 2b, 5s to 2a, £400 to 6a and £200 to 6b

COMMENTS: 1's mortgages on his property amount to £5000, which is owed to parties 2-4 and 6. Of his creditors, 3b and 4a (to whom he owes respectively £1100 and £2200) are content to leave matters as they are, but 2a, 6a and 6b wish to call in their loans. For the above considerations, therefore, parties 2 and 6 assign their mortgages to 5, from whom 1 borrows some more money