Draft Abstract of the following documents:

Scope and Content

1. Will of James Annesley (I), uncle of

Francis Annesley (I), dated 11 Jul 1612.

2. Lease of 21 Dec 1627 (see 1L/2


3. Letters Patent of Charles I, creating

Francis Annesley Baron Mountnorris,

dated 25 Sep 1630.

4. Lease and Release of 1636, as



1. Francis Annesley (I), Lord

Mountnorris and Baron Mountnorris.

2.a) Nicholas Barnewell of Turvie, Co.


b) Jozais Hoile, Clerk.

PROPERTY: Property in Co. Armagh

(named) and Co. Wexford.

COMMENTS: 2 is to hold the above

property in trust for 1's son Arthur

(I), and to raise portions for 1's

daughters Beatrice, Ann, Jane and

Catherine, and for his younger sons.